Personal Finance Workshop

Completion of one Phase. Beginning of another.

I stopped at a local Ann Arbor independently owned bookstore a few days ago — Bookbound. My intention was to talk with the owner about hosting an event at which I could talk about my book. She saw the book and said, “We carry that book!”. And then she took me to see it on the shelf. It was so cool to see a bookstore carrying my book! She said that several people had come in to special-order it. So they decided to keep it in stock. So exciting!!! That felt good. It also feels good that I’m declaring my “launch season” complete. What do I want to do next? What can I do with my book and its contents that would bring me joy? Connecting with people brings me the most joy. So I think that I will focus my energy on creating an interactive personal finance workshop.

What's Next

Thinking about what my next steps should be. Definitely looking forward to a book-signing event at the home of a friend on December 3rd. Will begin this week inviting people to that event. And would like to move forward on the next, and probably final, event of my “launch season” - at a local independently-owned bookstore. Hoping in the next few weeks to stop by my top choice bookstore for that event. After that my next areas of focus will be 1) Making requests of folks I know bought the book to write reviews on Amazon, 2) Writing 500-word content pieces to promote to Personal Finance magazines and blogs, 3) Begin development of a personal finance workshop — meet with key influencers to scope out the project, and create a content outline. Lots to keep me busy. Nothing is urgent. All is exciting and engaging.