Praise for The Money Game And How To Win It


Ellen Abramson has created a miracle — in a very short book, written in an easy to read straightforward manner, she has changed my outlook on money.  Instead of something to worry over, I see it is a tool to master. Thank you!!

Zena Zumeta, J.D.

Founder and Director, Ann Arbor Mediation Center


The Money Game and How to Win It is a great read.  It's "to the point" and motivating. In my experience, there is typically no one single change that will better your financial situation overnight; but if you start by implementing multiple small changes, these will add up to financial success. Reading this book is a great start.

K. G. Szczypka, CPA, CFP®

Myler & Szczypka, P.C.

The Money Game and How to Win It offers no-nonsense advice with a gentle hand – practical advice from someone who has been there and has moved from supporting Ann Taylor’s, Home Depot’s or Visa’s financial plan to supporting their own! It offers great wisdom about how to alter one’s view of financial success and become the master of your money rather than its slave. If you are interested in experiencing the freedom and joy that money mastery brings, read this book!

Debra Christein, MBA

Partner, B2B CFO, Certified Business Transition Expert™


The Money Game and How to Win It is a delightful, easy read. I applaud Ellen Abramson’s courage to tell her story about a topic many people want to hide. Ellen demonstrates how her family turned their finances around working together to envision goals and track progress paying off debt and building savings. Working as a team, they maximized earning opportunities while making better spending choices. Learning from their story, you can do the same.

Kathryn Greiner, Accredited Financial Counselor AFC®

 Retired, University of Michigan Credit Union


The Money Game And How To Win It

Ellen's book gives you tools to take charge of your money so you can accomplish what's meaningful in your life. Available at Amazon.


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