Selling Books

Another Speaking Gig: Financial Counselor Training

I had a great time speaking at the Ann Arbor Credit Professionals monthly meeting last week. It was a small but lively group. Lots of interest and excitement, and I sold nine books! My friend Kathryn who is my contact to this group, asked me to speak again next week as part of a Financial Counselor Certification training day she is delivering. Sixty people are expected — my largest group to date! I may have an opportunity to sell books — Kathryn is looking into that. Other potential speaking opportunities are emerging. More on that later…..

First Speaking Gig!

A couple days ago - on September 26th - I was one of six local authors to speak at Local Writers LIVE, an event hosted by the Ann Arbor District Library. Each author had 5 minutes to speak. I used my time to chat briefly about the “money mess” we were in, and how our journey of fixing our money mess led me to write my book. I used the remainder of my time to read an excerpt from Chapter Seven, titled “Eye of the Storm”. After all the authors spoke, we each were available to answer questions and sell copies of our books. I sold ten books!! These are the first books I have personally sold, and it was so exciting!!!