Creating and Fulfilling on Intention

2019, I am thinking, will be another “transitional” year for me. I am beginning to transition the management of my business NorthCoast Banners (my day job) to my son-in-law, and taking the next steps in creating what’s next for my Money MIndfulness business. Money Mindfulness is the business that published my book. It’s also the business under which I have provided personal finance consulting. As I transition NorthCoast Banners to my son-in-law, I am building an “off-ramp” for myself — creating meaningful activity related to The Money Game. I shared with my NorthCoast staff that I would like to spend Wednesdays primarily focused on Money Mindfulness and they were incredibly supportive. Having made this commitment to people other than myself is important. It helps me to actually do what I have said I will do. I spent my first Wednesday sending emails to folks who I knew had bought my book, asking them to write reviews on Amazon. Over the past few weeks, that took me from 15 reviews to 27 reviews! I’m very happy about that progress! I’m shooting for a minimum of 40 reviews. The second Wednesday, I wrote a title and description for a personal finance workshop I’m aiming to present to several groups this spring. Today is the third Wednesday!