Howard Hannah Realty workshop

I met Leanne Wade at an event sponsored by WXW Women’s Exchange Washtenaw, in Ann Arbor, MI. Leanne is a realtor at Howard Hanna. She was interested in the financial wellness work I do, and the two of us cooked up an idea for me to present to a group of her clients. The talk took place on April 7th at the Howard Hanna office in Ann Arbor. Cindy Reach, a local attorney who specializes in real estate law joined Leanne in hosting the event. The event was successful - people seemed interested and engaged in conversation with me and each other. I sold a few books, and I was asked to speak to another group - a sorority - this summer. In addition, I did my first “solo run” operating Powerpoint, and I gained a lot of confidence. I was appreciative for this gig if only for that benefit. I did a lot of re-working of my powerpoint presentation for this event and I feel well-positioned for my next presentation in late April!